God loves teenagers!

The purpose of e3 is to connect the heart of the Father with the heart of students.

But Did you know…

  • The majority of our young people are adopting a “Christianity” that is making little or no difference in their lives.
  • Many parents have abandoned students to raise themselves. Wanting love, security and support, this generation more than any other is isolated from caring adults.
  • Culture is eating our students alive. Without adult guidance, teenagers are deciding their own beliefs and behavior. That is why 38% of 15-year old girls and over 60% of 18-year old boys are sexually active.
  • Many church programs are missing the point.  Church attending students cheat, lie, get drunk and have sex at the same statistical rate as non-church attending students. A couple of hours a week of “spiritual entertainment” have left our teenagers spiritually unequipped to handle their world.
  • Teenagers, however, are searching for God!
    Spiritual issues have captured teenagers’ interest.  Eighty percent of those who embrace Christ do so before their 18th birthday.

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