Eric’s deep hunger for God has consistently demonstrated an intense love for reaching people. I am personally grateful for his impact upon my son.  His genuineness and experience will be of tremendous benefit to any ministry.
- Dr. Barry St. Clair, Reach Out Ministries

It was a privilege to have Eric on my staff. He is a man of integrity, an example of a godly father and husband. You can count on him to do a tremendous job and to faithfully serve your ministry.
- Peter Lord, International Speaker

Eric is a tremendous communicator – the best I have ever experienced! His heart and passion beat with Christ’s heart.
- Bobbyjon Bauman, Wisconsin Youth Pastor

Eric is a gifted teacher, dynamic communicator, wise counselor, and friend. His passion is to make disciples. He truly lives out the Great Commission.
- Dan Carter, Texas Pastor

God so encouraged me through you and what you had to share. You challenged me to go to the word of God and not miss the God of the word. Eric, your enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you.
– Georgia Southern University student

"The needs of today’s students are great.  One of the most difficult tasks I face, as a High School Principal is communicating care and concern to them.  My staff and I cannot meet these needs alone. Realizing this has led me to actively seek people within our community whom I can trust to help care for students.

Eric Ball is one I am able to trust.  There have been many instances when I have had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Eric’s heart for students.  He played an important part in diffusing a potentially volatile situation when violence occurred on our campus.  Eric was the first youth pastor to arrive on the scene asking how he could help.  His heart to impact students led him to develop a community-wide Friday night outreach called “5th Quarters.” These became the buzz of the city and drew over 500 students every week.  He has consistently helped coach track and football at our school as a practical way to reach out to students.  My son actively attended his youth group.

Eric is a tremendously gifted leader and communicator whose heart for students is impossible to miss. He is on the cutting edge of meeting students where they are, helping them feel loved, and imparting a sense of purpose in their lives.  What distinguishes Eric from the crowd is that he doesn’t wait for students to come to him, rather he actively initiates relationships with them.  He genuinely cares for students and they know it.  I am extremely grateful for the impact Eric Ball has made upon my students and faculty."
-Dr. Walt Christy High School Principal

I was having a pretty rough day the particular night you came to speak. I was tired of rituals and felt like I was not serving God with my whole heart.  Growing up in a Christian home sometimes makes it hard for me to understand what life is like without God. I often take for granted the happiness I find in Him, and I think I need to experience a little "world" before I'll understand the necessity of having Him. Thanks for exposing that lie.   Your message was about dying daily for Christ. You went into detail about living "in" Jesus. It was exactly what I needed to hear that night. It was such a divine appointment with God in the midst of the distractions coming from the world.  So thanks, Eric! God Bless,
Ashton – high school teacher

I just want to thank you for an incredible week of discovery for me.  There I was, coming as a leader, to minister to middle school students, and I ended up touched by the Lord in a magnificent way.  You helped me to see my relationship with my heavenly father on a much more personal level than I ever imagined.
Sue - Faith Presbyterian youth leader

Camp was wonderful. I learned so much. I have been a Christian for over six years and I have never felt God’s love so completely. The messages were so honest and straight forward. The eyes of my heart were really opened. Thank you Eric.
Lindsey – high school student

At camp, God spoke to me through Eric. God showed me that I need to start doing my quiet time again and learn more about Jesus. He also told me that I need to introduce Him to my cousin, which gives me a drive to do my quiet time.
Hannah – High school student

God showed me that I needed to get out of my comfort zone because to witness I need to be able to talk with others. He also showed me that my self-image didn’t mean as much as I made it sound. I want to thank you, Eric, for sharing God’s word so well that I was able to understand it.
Rachel – high school student

Eric through what you shared with us God showed me that I need to put my time with Him first instead of putting it last. God freed me from bitterness I had towards a person and that it's not what He isn't doing but what I'm not doing that was the problem. God wants me to surrender to Him and bow at His feet and I need to make Him first priority and quit trading His glory for sin.
Mary – high school senior

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