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T H E  B O T T O M   L I N E
Whether the first century or the twenty-first century one fact remains constant – A PERSONS GREATEST NEED IS A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST.

Without this personal relationship the Bible is unmistakable, a person will perish for eternity in separation from God in a place called hell (Romans 6:23). God so desires that no one perish, but all be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth, (I Timothy 2:4; 2 Peter 3:9) that He sent His only Son (John 3:16). This desire motivated God to take the most extravagant step in all of history.

He sacrificed His Son, Jesus, on a cross to pay the debt of sin for every man (Romans 5:8).  Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection has thus become the solution for every person’s sin problem.  However, an important question remains, “if Christ died for every person why isn’t every person a Christian?”
Again, the Bible is unmistakable. Everyone person must respond by faith to Christ individually (Romans 10:9,10).  But how can a person respond if they have never heard of Christ? They may recognize that they have a problem. However, if they are not aware of God’s solution they will remain a prisoner to the bondage of sin.

e•3 remains convinced that we have a mandate from God. Every person must have the opportunity to hear and respond to God’s solution to the sin problem in their lives (Matthew 28:19,20). Therefore, we have committed our lives to spreading God’s
precious message, THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!

E-3 ministries is a ministry established by God to communicate the heart of the Father to students. Eric Ball, the founder, travels the country and the world to share a dynamic message of Truth that students of today desperately need to understand. Eric is a gifted youth communicator, evangelism mobilizer, and trainer.  Eric and his wife, Linda have four beautiful daughters.  Having started and lettered on a championship football team at Troy University, Eric enjoys being with athletes.  When he is not traveling with his busy speaking schedule he is a volunteer coach with a local football team.  God’s anointing is upon Eric as he builds relationships and shares Christ with players and coaches.

As a veteran student pastor, Eric has experienced the explosive move of God in his ministry having the privilege to see it grow from three students to over several hundred students weekly. The evangelistic and discipleship strategies Eric implemented had profound affect upon the community with even non-churched parents giving financially to his youth ministry because of the impact upon their children. Eric also pioneered student missions in his church by developing its first junior and senior high student-led short-term mission trips.  His vision for training led to the development of an intensive Intern Training Program which received acceptance as an official training program from the Youth Ministry Department of Columbia International University. Hundreds of young men and women received practical ministry skills and are now serving the Lord all over the world.

Eric has written several books: The Heart 2 Heart Journal – a devotional for students seeking to develop an intimate walk with the Father.  A Personal Survival Guide – a follow up manual designed to be used by students, parents, and leaders to disciple new believers by addressing their “felt needs”.  Mission Trip Training Manual – a step-by-step manual for Youth leaders preparing their group for short-term missions.

Eric has led conferences in Africa, Egypt, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, and the Caribbean.  His message is a unique blend of The Fathers Heart, which both inspires and equips individuals to develop a deep intimacy with their Heavenly Father and proactively reach the lost.

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